Friday, July 21, 2017

Taleisin. (Gwawdodyn)

Taleisin (A Gwawdodyn)

Spirit of song, on my heart descend
To our ears, long silenced verse attend
Walk my sad streets that thoughts sublime repeat
Footfalls long forgot these stairs ascend.

© 2017 david w palmer

Welsh names’ meaning

Ceinwen [KINE-win] – beautiful blessed gems
Bronwen [BRON-win] – Of the White Breast
Banon [BAY-nun] -- Queen
Ceiridwen [SARAH-dwen] – Fair Poetess (Welsh Celtic)
   In Welsh myth, Ceiridwen is the goddess of poetic inspiration, and mother of Taleisin
Taleisin [TALLEY es-sen], legendary Welsh bard of the sixth century. In folklore, his stature rises to that of a wizard and companion and advisor to King Arthur in Camelot

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