Thursday, July 27, 2017

I Wept For Her (A Kyrielle)

I Wept for Her (A Kyrielle)

She found me lost, writing my verse
First conversation unrehearsed
Pearls of wisdom we did disperse
She owns my heart, I wept for her

Her lines bring such delight, so terse 
For me displays the universe
Cosmos in miniature bursts
She owns my love, I wept for her

She took a risk, my heart did pierce
And asked could she be mine. Of course
Soul aquifers released great force
She owns my soul, I wept for her

A stone sank in my soul averse
To hearing diagnosis cursed
Wailing tears implor’d angel nurse
She owns my life, I wept for her

My God in heaven heard, of course
And stilled my shrieking voice, now hoarse
Restored my love’s true vital source
She owns me true, I wept for her.

© 2017 david w palmer

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