Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Preposterous (Sonnet #478)

Preposterous (Sonnet #479)

What good is prayer? Would he, His Universe
Disrupt solely for you? Preposterous,
Might Reason speak her mind! You’re just a speck
Upon a stardust speck, an accident.
Be mechanistic, if you wish, my friend.
Consider what experience conveys
You perceive that sunbow simply because
The focus of appearance shines on you.
And line from sun through mist to you passes.
None sees the bow from its periphery
Only at the center do you receive
Visions of light’s spectrum reveal’d to you.
Skeptics scoff where I see illustration
When needed most, God has His eye on you.

© 2017 David W. Palmer

Monday, May 15, 2017

One Needed Thing (Sonnet #455)

One Needed Thing (Sonnet #455)

I sat to write sonnets on gilded leaf,
Gold-edge paper. Lofty my sentiments
For she deserved Byron and Shelley,
Marlowe, John Donne, Shakespeare, even Sidney.
But I of pretense born cannot compete
With these of greater honed skill and craft
Where they can make the sun stand still and catch
Sweet Breath in moments frill, ne’er so can I.
I sought to speak in hushed, rev'rent tones
But frivolous they sounded lead on lead.
But should verse fail to reach her heart, what then?
I have one recourse left, "I love you, Dear!"
These lips were kissed so urgently, she cried,
It wasn’t them she wanted, it was I.

© 2017 David W. Palmer

Aurora (Sonnet #476 - Experimental)

Written originally for Maricris Cabrera's #WordPrompt #Aurora on Canvas to My Soul

Aurora (Sonnet #476 – Experimental)

Let play the luminescent streaks of light
High o’er all shades of darkest, gloomy night
The grace of God at play transforms delight
Declares sorrow shall not subsume hope bright.
Return your gaze, my Love to soaring heights
The angels dance on pinpricks ‘fore your sight
Aurora’s kiss upon your cheek indicts
A morning dawn’s sweet joy, O blessed Sprite.
Your love cascades in glorious flow above me
Through wave on wave that gift o’erwhelms, I see
And infinite your written patterns be
My lot, to be amazed a what I read.
Tis Grace alone, I’m standing on this sod
To see at play through you fingers of God.

© 2017 David Palmer

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother (A Tribute)

Mother (A Tribute)

Mid-May sunlight lingers in soft pastels 
Yellow chiffon, cream gold and marmalade 
We do approach my favorite time of year
Yet deep, those sighs escape me, saudade.
The world has celebrated Mother's Day 
Yet in its waning light, one figure stands
To speak tribute to she whose sacrifice
Made possible the man you know today.
How did you balance full time work and me,
And never did I feel neglect or loss?
Fit words, precious counsel ne’er steered me wrong
Insistently detained me from errors;
And faithful faith did model through my soul
That pathway clear unto eternity.

© 20l7 David W Palmer

Mom and Dad married later in life and she was 40 when I was born.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Written originally for Maricris Cabrera's Beautiful Word Prompt on Beautiful Minds Community in Google+


Neither shadow nor light dominates here
Which way are we headed, toward darkness
Or is it past, and cheery light
Breaks once again upon us?
Shadows lacking substance
Life lived on hold
So weary

I know
Hope lives here
For all things change
Darkness surrenders
To life re-imagin’d
Tis only the penumbra
Through which we are passing right now.
Even the dandelion breaks through
Solid concrete. Our beautiful love reigns.

© 20l7 David W Palmer

Wednesday, May 10, 2017



People never seem to agree.
For a moment they seem to speak convincing wisdom
But they could just as easily argue the other side; it all comes down to sophistry.

© 20l7 David W Palmer

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Pas de Deux (Fibonacci Sequence)

Pas de Deux

Dance with me
For all days to come
Let's create choreography
That amazes the world how in sync our souls have become
As one we embrace, extend, stretch, pull down the very stars above in our Pas de deux.

(C) 20l7 David W Palmer