Monday, June 26, 2017

Googol (Sonnet #508)

Googol (Sonnet #508)

I’ll take those odds, at one googol to one
Never have I allowed life to say, “No!”
Nor feared the hopeless Quixotic quest though
The arms of those windmills strike me down stunn’d
For from my back I will arise to fight
My eyes have seen she who awaits for me
So, death’s sweeping sickle drowns not her plea
Deliverance into my arms this night.
Call me a fool, slightly addled in brain
You know not her sweetness, worth all the cost
I will pursue though this moment seems lost
As I fight for her love, my shirt blood-stain’d
I, standing beside her, shall claim my bride
My eyes moist with tears, my soul fill’d with pride

© 2017 david w palmer

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Estival / Solstice (Sonnet #507)

Estival / Solstice (Sonnet #507)

Carried through the current of time’s river
Life has cycled us back to estival
Banks of blessing, moments celestial
Though passing through, they enrich forever.
In its solstice, the sun is bright with dreams
Divine favors pass within and without
Our grasp. Treat them as aids today. No doubt
They served us well when summoned, and they leave.
Turn ‘round your face, my Love, bask in His warmth
Feel free the rich rewards which grace has brought
In halcyon days, how easy joy is caught
Yet e’en in cold coming our needs conform.
Here with you now and joy, indeed, we share
I’ll be here still when Beauty’s branches bare.

© 2017 David W Palmer

Imprint (brevette chain)

c r e a t e s

a m a z e s

c e l e b r a t e s

i n f o r m s

i m b u e s

d r a w s

i n h a b I t s

a l I g n s

d i s c o v e r

s e t s

© 2017 david w palmer

A Brevette Chain

Tree Shade (Inverted Hexaduad)

Tree shade

Tree shade
Riparian cool trade
Enhances salmon spawning runs
‘Twould not be done
Sun-warmth they’d not survive
Life would not thrive
Breathable air
For us could not be spared
Changes climate’s perspiration
Riparian cool trade
Tree shade

© 2017 david w palmer


Photo(c)  2017 david w palmer, Maricris Cabrera

Starlings sweep shadows (haibun)

haibun ハイブン (Starling Series #2)

starlings sweep shadows
dance of creation
impala springs free

Rolling and roiling in endless variation, miraculous it seemed that each bird knew the dance
Evening advanced, but the jubilation continued unabated in the sky above me
Suddenly in the brush, an impala leaped high in the air. I saw at once, the lioness
On her tail. She gave a mighty leap, but the impala also knew this dance, and deftly sprang
Safely to the side. She continues her mighty life dance for another day with the show up above her. The lioness turns away with regret.

lioness mourns
empty mouths tonight
mice escape mamba

It is difficult to choose sides in this contest called life. Why life for one spells death for another
Is a mystery beyond me. Predator and prey belong in life’s circle, each seeking the steps to see
Another sunrise tomorrow.

hyena laughs
God touches earth
elephants trumpet

Suddenly the birds seemed to create a twisting spiral, and a scene did appear not unlike Michelangelo’s
Frescoes on the Sistine Chapel where God extends one finger to man, and man reaches forth to make 
Contact with the Divine. He doesn't live our life for us, but makes it possible. Did he program the pattern for this formation into the starlings’ DNA? Is that one of his favorite scenes man in His image has made?

© 2017 david w palmer 

For the second in my Starling Murmuration Series, I am presenting a haibun: half haiku, half prose.  The haiku shows relationship between seemingly disparate things. The prose portion tells you more about how the poet got there either by explaining the situation more, or adding comments on his own meditation.  I am presenting the latter. I would love to see some of you join me in creating a haibun attempt.

starling ballet (haiku)

starling ballet
rhapsodic murmurs
my earthbound longings

© 2017 david w palmer

Say When (Inverted Hexaduad)

Say when

Say when
Can we be us again?
Left you on a Manhattan street
“Don’t leave,” repeats
Your plaintive cry still haunts
Your love I’d flaunt
An empty world
Into which soulless hurl’d
You, my anchor
Once host of peace, now spills rancor
Can we be us again?
Say when

© 2017 david w palmer
Inverted Hexaduad

Inspired by the song, “Love Me Again,” by John Newman

This song has become sort of a mental earwig for me
It plays at work constantly, but in a warehouse, the sound is muffled.
But I was on a quest to find it, and tonight I did. The song inspired
This poem – and no, David has not broken up with anybody. 
This is strictly an imaginative poem inspired by a song.

I finally figured out why it is called an inverted hexaduad.  It is a dual six line poem;
The first and second halves being mirror images of each other.  
Thus the "inverted" Hexaduad (6-form) poem.