Monday, July 17, 2017

Beauty Breathes (A Rubáiyát)

Beauty Breathes (A Rubáiyát) 

Beauty breathes when you come into the room
Peace, still, your love weaves magic on the loom
My soul, transfixed, can only contemplate
This love which snatched me from the claws of doom.

Once hopeless, what you say invigorates
Imaginative dreams to satiate
They need not be released with resigned sigh
But come to pass as I initiate.

If I can dream it, why not simply try?
You taught me to believe, never deny
The musing of my heart will come to pass
A better world than one we all decry.

Come now with me, shatter ceilings of glass
That not in baby steps but all en-masse 
This future we expand in macro zoom
Will weave our souls, two become one, first class.

© 2017 david w palmer

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