Monday, July 17, 2017

Sottovoce (Sonnet #518)

Sottovoce* (Sonnet #518)

Now, I know you and have known you always
E’en ‘fore I knew your name or where you hid
I’ve heard you call my name, I know you did:
“Have you yet sought my path? Please find the way!”
In night stillness when other voices cease,
Your whisp’ring trumpets call me from my sleep
From Gates of Paradise in play we’d leap
On Earth you’ll know my voice, it brings you peace.
Had we but known the lonely miles we’d tread
Our shoe prints rubbing blisters on our souls
Oh, on my knees I’d crawl and pay this toll
Thus to your loving arms my path has led.
All nights of sorrow past, behold the morn
I’ve needed to love you since I was born.

©2017 david w palmer

*”Sottovoce” – Italian, “whisper,” literally, “undervoiced”  (inspired by Karen Carpenter, "I Need to Be in Love")

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