Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Soliloquy (Free Verse)


Should I surmount this stage
And face those lights so bright
I'd only have the courage
Knowing that just behind
Those blinding footlights
And o'erpowering floods
That on the first row
You sit enraptured.
I cannot see you, feel or touch
But your smile, warmth and
Glistening tears tell me
How pleased you are with me
Tonight and every night.
For you know, that in my house
There's only one whose favor
And applause I seek
It is you, sweet Darling
Lover of my soul
And to you in sweet
Soliloquy let me pour
Out gently into your soul
The anthem of my heart
When all is said and done
May this my message be
That I have loved you
From the start, and
In love with you
I will always be

©2017 david w palmer

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