Sunday, July 16, 2017

Alhambra Chronicles Prologue (Sonnet #510)

Dream Theater (Sonnet #510)
Alhambra Chronicles 1
Prologue: Alhambra Princess and Her Chevalier

Scenes in my mind play movies just for you
Would you be pleas’d to see a new romance?
Surprise, see who's the star, no happenstance
Day dreams so wild, I promise, you I’ll woo!
You thrilled when she a second glance did take
At her brave knight, and let her kerchief fall
And land upon the rose against the wall
He took, and kiss’d and kept it, you did shake
You hugged me close as they met in the grove
Let passion be their guide, and did conceive
Precious sweet fruit. Now, ‘cross the Pyrenees
To live as one, the cause for which they strove
And did you sob? This seems a hopeless quest?
Fear not Sweetheart, what’s coming is the best. 

© 2017 david w palmer

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