Sunday, July 16, 2017

Happenstance (Sonnet #511)

Happenstance (Sonnet #511)

Mystic the horizon 'twixt sea and sky
Out in the waves claimed by no king nor land
Where mermaids dwell and Neptune reigns supreme
Tis there, in the offing, I'll find your craft
To your sweet soul, my wild one I’ll graft
The fruit we bear as one tastes like a dream
None e'er foresaw, nor was this ever planned
But did evolve so guided by God's eye.
Now that we've come as one into this chance
In which direction shall we set our course
To some island across the China Sea
Or to the shores of Lesser Antilles?
Oh, do you care, if our joy be unforced
And we just let love guide in happenstance?

© 2017 david w palmer

Written for Beautiful Minds Word Prompt, “Offing”

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