Sunday, July 16, 2017

Finding You (Sonnet 514)

Finding You (Sonnet #514)

I thought my path was clear until I stepped
Out from the sage and scrub on the outcrop
And in alarm did find I’d lost the trail
To end my wand’ring and come home to you.
Despair descends darkly, I’m not alone
The world today just seems so lost as well
Upon perdition’s precarious shelf
As if no one knows the way back to home.
Shepherd, find me, route me, turn my return
That where I left your path I find again
Life’s obliteration obscures the marks
Or is it me, who’s closed his eyes to truth?
Is our love’s heart path open to me yet?
This prodigal desires to come home.

© 2017 david w palmer

Inspired by life, and this song: Styx, “Show Me the Way”. 

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