Thursday, July 27, 2017

Epithalamion 3 (A Gwawdodyn)

Epithalamion 3 (A Gwawdodyn Chain)

I rebel against advancing night
Draw you close to kiss ‘neath stars so bright
This our moment may never come again
Dreams may ferment, lovers live in light

Life be captur’d in a snapshot’s plain
Twisting turning paths of life’s refrain
Have made this great crescendo here with you
No innuendo, this our path hath gain’d

Let’s celebrate our love that’s ever true
Found our way to paradise anew
Living, loving kissing sweetly sharing
With your soul thriving ‘neath skies so blue

Bless us Father, as we live loving
For our precious partner so caring
Standing with this sight above, cosmos vast
Let’s ever seek secrets light’s revealing.

© 2017 david w palmer

Epithalamion – a wedding song (the third one I have composed)

Inspired by the song “We May Never Pass This Way Again,” Seals & Crofts

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