Monday, February 20, 2017

Thunderbird & Morning Dove -- tandem poems by Maricris Cabrera & David Palmer

+maricris cabrera and I set a personal challenge to each other this evening to write verse in response to this photo of the sunset at my Daughter's home in Maple Valley, Washington.  I said the lighted clouds looked like a Thunderbird, Maricris said it looked like the Morning Dove.  We agreed to write tandem verse in our own personal photo prompt.

The Menominee Native American tribes of Northern Wisconsin have the legend of the Thunderbird which I relate in this verse.  The Thunderbird are the gift of the Sun to this world in the ongoing struggle of good vs. evil. The thunderbirds live on a floating mountain far to the West and keep watch over a world plagued by dark forces represented by the great horned serpents known as the Mishikinubik. When they do battle and drive those serpents which represent chaos and death, back to the underworld, then we hear the thunder and see lightning as those vanquished lifeless serpents are cast down to the ground by the victorious Thunderbirds. That sacred myth is what I based this Sonnet on.

Thunderbird (Sonnet #370)

On a floating mountain far to the West
In the eyrie provided by the Sun
Dwell the great guardians of life’s run
Distrusted, feared, o’erlook’d, e’en by the best
Defenders of earth’s life, right from their nest
Watchful are they ensconced on their perch
For the great horned serpents always do search
Conspire toward chaos, destroying rest
When battle rages, don’t we all know it?
Flashes of fire and clap of broad wings
Talons and beak pierce scales like a rivet
Coils in death throws, yet fang-poison brings
Slice open the chaos, talons pivot
Life streams abundant, free from serpent’s stings.

© 2017 David W. Palmer
Photo Credit: 2017 David W. Palmer

Morning Dove

What will his future hold, this Morning Dove
Where does his Sweetheart, go for so long
His wings gracefully unfolds, one sweet song
Cooing a tune for his endless true love.
Sunlight beckoning his nostalgic flight
Forlorn, enslaved their hearts never be free
Soaring high and down below perch on the tree
Feathers exposed against beauty in sight.
Only to find out, his search to an end
Keeping his eyes and heart to rescue her
Dying, she couldn't, pecked her white collar
Black eyes, ebony slender beak attend
Love and passion promised long time ago
Protection, warm embrace until the end.

(C) 2017 Maricris Cabrera

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