Monday, February 13, 2017

Inveigle (Meet My Granddaughter)

Meet my granddaughter, mistress negotiator
To whom "no" is not prohibitive, just the opening
Gambit to strategic negotiations. When, where, why
How and what she desires she is willing to beguile,
Knowing your weak points and using them against you
To inveigle exactly what she wants.  Perhaps, one day
She will graduate top in her class, and become a lawyer.

(C) 2017 David W. Palmer


  1. Ahhh yes I recall my days in the dojo so often myself but I remember my ole friend best. A solid sort and alway willing to catch me...floors ( my best friend) always had my back and a nack for that sort of thing :)...if you catch my drift. I admire anyone who has the will to surrender, while learning the moves of water to avoid self defeat.

    1. Thank you so very much. She actually has moved beyond this belt that she is pictured in, to the Blue Belt