Friday, February 10, 2017

Sonnet 352: L'Entrée

L'entrée (Sonnet 352)
By David Palmer
6-February, 2017
Maple Valley, Washington, USA

Walls of separation, bricks of regret
Barriers protect us, yet exclude love
Pretty, ornamental, defenses prove
Pris’ners of access in towers unmet.
I’ve seen you, Princess, weep in your garret
Protected by fiery dragons fierce
Yet, woe to the knight attempting to pierce
Your gauntlet of fire, deflecting his merit.
But soft, I do spy your garden’s back door
Fear not, I’m not here to pluck and plunder
What could be rose petals, thorns do adorn
Where soft zephyrs could please, play the thunders
Veuillez accorder l'entrée,* love reborn
Together, your loneliness, we plunder.

©2017 David W. Palmer
All intellectual property rights retained by the author

*Line 13, “Please, grant entrance” (French)

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