Sunday, February 19, 2017

Bemuse (Poetry of Maricris Cabrera, shared with Permission)

I am privileged to share once more the beautiful poetry of Maricris Cabrera, my dearest friend. She writes as one who is intimately acquainted with beauty and writes that we may understand it better. I share with her permission, of course.


Struggling into
the unfathomable
ocean of my mind
through the violent waves
of my imagination
in a quest for my beloved
Muse, drifting down
the current holding on
with my diction as my float
I see the Muse far away from me
guarded with heavy
accents and  stresses
and pronunciations.
I stumbled against
a rock of rhyme
I whispered a prayer
and found myself lying
on the shore of poetry
and then I opened my eyes
I see my beloved Muse
looking down at me.

(C) 2017 Maricris Cabrera

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