Friday, February 10, 2017

Sonnet 351: Language of Love

Language of Love (Sonnet 351)
6-February, 2017
By David Palmer
Maple Valley, Washington, USA

Your heart and mine speak the language of love
Despite the mother tongue we first lisped
To a truth, e’en seventeen whispered
One’s could not clarify more, Precious Dove.
Sometimes great eloquence falls from above
As wellsprings of soul shed copious tears
Or kisses silence our tongues, lips draw near
To experience deep passion thereof
But what speaks most plainly are three simple words
At least in English, they are “I Love You”
But Spanish simplifies, “Te amo,” two!
In either case I bind our souls with chords.
Speak to me best when I look in your eyes
Delight I see there, infinite surprise.

©2017 David W. Palmer
All intellectual property rights retained by the author

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