Monday, March 13, 2017


SIGHTINGS: Finding Your Story in the Pages of Scripture

SONNET #2:  ADAM (Genesis 3:1-24;  1 Corinthians 15:45-48)
By David Palmer
8-December, 2005
Maple Valley, Washington

Love’s boundary was crossed in a Garden
Freedom’s tempting tart taste sours instantly
As peace is vanquished in pain permanently;
Hearts once responding tenderly now harden.
“All mine was yours, cries the Maker, “but pardon
Comes only at great cost, sacrificially,
From a source far beyond your capacity.”
Guilt gives grace no ground, but Love leaps that margin.
   Was it revenge you sought, Adam, to punish
   God for putting love to the test, reserving
   For Himself the set of your moral compass?
   So, removed you, yourself, from His loving
   Embrace?  Deny Him love due?  He will finish
   Reclaiming you on another tree, bleeding.

©2005, 2017 David W. Palmer

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