Saturday, March 11, 2017

Echoes (Sonnet #402)

Echoes (Sonnet #402)
By David Palmer
7-March, 2017
Renton, Washington, USA

I'll take my stand on towers tall to watch
Your coming like the dawn in bright'ning rays
Dancing, prancing footfall echoes stray
My eyes, awake, my ears your call to catch
Oh! Beloved, from trusting heart ne'er snatch
The glory of your beauty from my heart
Nor in abstentia sorrow to impart
But cultivate our roses' garden patch.
What keeps you, Dear from coming? This my plea,
Do you sense love in truth will give you wings
Or bind with chains free wings to soar on dreams?
Please, let us find the love free choice doth bring
Solitary freedom, a lying scheme
Kites to heights scale alone attach'd to string.

(C) 2017 David W. Palmer

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