Saturday, March 11, 2017

One-hundred Twelve Reasons (Sonnet #400)

One-Hundred Twelve Reasons  (SONNET #400)

Beside a stream of sorrow, we found us
We did not know that at the time but sure
The hand of God reveal'd a love so pure
Arresting false trajectories in dust
We both on dangerous paths found we must
Recalculate and cleave to each other
A miracle of grace brought a wonder
I hear your spirit, you hear mine, how just.
Our deep love path passed through great sorrow
A trail of last choice, yet how I bonded
The day I thought I'd lost our tomorrow
Weeping waves relentless crushing hounded
Till I cried aloud, "Let grace be borrow’d
For her, losing her, crushingly profound”

Harder could I not have cried had this
Been the funeral for my own mother
My eyes fell dark, desp’rate spirit smother’d
An angel on my soul bestow’d a kiss
In quietness my heart did rest in bliss
For I knew heaven heard my broken cry
And healing now was hers, I breath’d a sigh
Her living wondrous love, I’d never miss
Any woman’s smile can bring me laughter
But she who makes me cry shall own my heart
Superficial glee’s not what I’m after
So, she for whom the waves do roll will start
That long pursuit t'ward oneness which matters
From her my loving never shall depart.

© 2017 David W. Palmer

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  1. Your Sonnets lifts soul to harmony and light fills thy heart in time and in past' the linear is near thy soul life me high above this blasting fire which lives in the secrets of men hearts. Carry my soul to thee so I will see him sits in the time of hands' that holds me tight tonight.