Saturday, March 11, 2017

Rainbow People (Sonnet #398)

RAINBOW PEOPLE (Sonnet #398)

How gloomy in the winter’s chill this world
Can seem to be; cold, damp, miserable
‘Twould seem that hope, love and light are tabl’d
For some distant day’s agenda, untold
But preconceived notions break when bold
Cracks in the canopy appear, sunlight
Finds ways to discover spectrum delight,
Rainbow hues, God’s finger tips cast, unfurl’d
Someone cast aspersions, dark descending
Despair never designed for your wear
Usurp’d your throne its reign seems unending
In dark’s defiance cast away your fears
My love be the light to you revealing
All the colors this world needs see, you bear.

© 2017 David W. Palmer
Inspired by the song “True Colors,” written by
Billy Steinberg & Tom Kelly, as recorded by
Cindy Lauper and Phil Collins, to name two.

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