Sunday, June 18, 2017

What the Mirror Said

This was written as part of a group collaboration initiated by Skylark Hattee. I wrote at the invitation of Marilyn Ward and Maricris Cabrera

What the Mirror Said

I see you staring back at me
Your shine darkens with age.
Or, is that me, who doesn't see well now?

The mirror said, since I was formed
With silver backing long ago
I've only told the truth to one and all

I've seen them cry, and heard them curse
But magic's beyond my power
 I'll tell you now what surely is
Beyond that, all is in your choice this hour

O mirror, cried I, unhappy you make me
But to point the blame at you would be
Me avoiding responsibility.  I thank you
And so now choose to take on a better view.

(C) 20l7, David W. Palmer

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