Saturday, June 24, 2017

Say When (Inverted Hexaduad)

Say when

Say when
Can we be us again?
Left you on a Manhattan street
“Don’t leave,” repeats
Your plaintive cry still haunts
Your love I’d flaunt
An empty world
Into which soulless hurl’d
You, my anchor
Once host of peace, now spills rancor
Can we be us again?
Say when

© 2017 david w palmer
Inverted Hexaduad

Inspired by the song, “Love Me Again,” by John Newman

This song has become sort of a mental earwig for me
It plays at work constantly, but in a warehouse, the sound is muffled.
But I was on a quest to find it, and tonight I did. The song inspired
This poem – and no, David has not broken up with anybody. 
This is strictly an imaginative poem inspired by a song.

I finally figured out why it is called an inverted hexaduad.  It is a dual six line poem;
The first and second halves being mirror images of each other.  
Thus the "inverted" Hexaduad (6-form) poem.

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