Friday, June 30, 2017

Beau Monde (Tanka Chain 短歌)

Beau Monde (Tanka Chain)


Swans swimming zig-zag
Restless, my tranquility
Hillside poppies wave
Silent thunders have impact
List'ning for one clapping hand

For one clapping hand
The world will preen and curtsy
Elephants trumpet
Shorebirds migrate endlessly
Such is life in this beau monde

Life in this beau monde
Impalas die, lions live
Wicked balance strange
Trees chopped down will grow again
Man has but one turn to play

But one turn to play
Bet it all on double-six
Squall line ends the drought 
Thunder beats a timpani
Greet it all dispassionat’ly 

Aging hunter now hunted
Life full circle comes
Tears today water my soul
Tomorrow carves out canyons

She carves out canyons
Nature’s brush strokes never done
Perfection is myth
Evolution’s changing path
New tomorrow’s fantasy.

© 2017 david w palmer

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