Monday, June 5, 2017

Falling Down (Sonnet #497)

In memory of the victims of the terror bombings over the weekend in London and Manchester, England.  When will we learn the ways of peace, that we can sit down together at the table of brotherhood and break bread, wishing each other "Salaam."  When will we celebrate who we are, while also recognizing my brother's right to live before his God as conscience does direct? Peace be in our hearts.

Falling Down (Sonnet #497)

London Bridge, is it falling down again?
Since when did God decide bombing the hell
Out of the innocent was the ticket
To Paradise? Abel's blood cries once more
From the London streets to the throne of God
"Have mercy on my misguided brothers
And may we see hate separates us from
Grace, and from each other in doom's gloom boom."
Pointing fingers, blaming will solve nothing
He who with hate responds lights the next fuse
'Tis time to cross that bridge, heedless of fear
Seek rapprochement, break bread at this table.
Rejoice at who we are, yet celebrate
My brother's right to live as conscience leads.

(c) 2017 David W. Palmer

Photo: The Washington Post (June 5, 2017)

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