Saturday, June 24, 2017

Estival / Solstice (Sonnet #507)

Estival / Solstice (Sonnet #507)

Carried through the current of time’s river
Life has cycled us back to estival
Banks of blessing, moments celestial
Though passing through, they enrich forever.
In its solstice, the sun is bright with dreams
Divine favors pass within and without
Our grasp. Treat them as aids today. No doubt
They served us well when summoned, and they leave.
Turn ‘round your face, my Love, bask in His warmth
Feel free the rich rewards which grace has brought
In halcyon days, how easy joy is caught
Yet e’en in cold coming our needs conform.
Here with you now and joy, indeed, we share
I’ll be here still when Beauty’s branches bare.

© 2017 David W Palmer

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