Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Atmosphere (Sonnet #498)

Atmosphere (Sonnet #498)

The air surrounding you electrifies
My soul. Do you believe magic has come
To make abode with us? You are the sum
Of all my hopes and dreams seen with closed eyes.
In a distant vision once I saw you
My heart did leap with joy, yet so afraid
If you knew my weakness, you’d feel betray’d
‘Til I found out you feared the same thing, too
Never did I demand the perfect girl
Just one to grow old with through sands of time
And share life’s beauty through each verse and rhyme
And grow that love as all our days unfurl
Precious Sweetheart, with you I am so pleased
Oh! Find the same in me, on bended knee.

© 2017, David W. Palmer

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