Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tango in Buenos Aires, Sonnet #461

Tango in Buenos Aires (Sonnet #461)

Tonight our city comes alive, the dance
Is our seduction, let us feel the heat
Of love’s passion, too long I’ve lived apart
From moments which possess my very soul.
Tonight the movement comes alive, we press
Together desperate – eliminate
All hint of separation’s gulf betwixt
And press the flesh that souls may follow swift.
Tonight our love has come to life, the range
Of life we know: sorrow, sighing, crying,
Laughing, loving, kissing, feeling union.
This is tango, loving music, and you.
Step with me cross the floor, cry violins
Satisfied lovers, a thing of beauty.

© 2017 David W. Palmer
Al Pacino, Tango from the movie, Scent of a Woman

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