Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bomboléo (Sonnet 451) #BeauifulWords

Bomboléo (Sonnet #451)

Something moves decidedly between us:
Gazing into your eyes, flamenco steps
Sway hearts in love; your arms across my neck, 
Foreheads tilt-touch, there’s no where else to look.
The steps, the slide, ‘tis metaphor; the brook
Tumble tunes harmony, dancing this speck,
Solar dustings alive with hope. From depths
Of soul, I seek meaning’s sweet rush.
Those eyes, deep brown, divulge to me much more:
The thoughts you think hidden from view, I share.
Passion rises as we take to the floor;
That’s why dancing in time, we’re quite the pair.
You are within my soul, and I in yours;
Bomboléo, our sway in sync we dare.

© 2017 David W. Palmer

Here is that YouTube Link. https://youtu.be/8dQUyCkxVI4

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