Sunday, April 2, 2017

Robin Antiphonal (Sonnet #54)

From My Whispering Thunder Collection this is Sonnet #54, released one year ago today. Can you believe that I wrote 390 more in the past year? She who is my muse knows why.

By David Palmer
2-April, 2016
Maple Valley, Washington

Kiss of the dew on my feet from freshly
Mowed grass, comforted internally
By Morning’s enveloping chill; Above
The Sons and the Daughters of God rejoice
In such cacophonous antiphonals --
Bethlehem’s hills rang no louder with praise
Then these mighty midget winged cherubs
Tweeting melodious praise to their Lord.
Awaken the Dawn with your song, my Soul
Join your lines to this superb symphony.
Your Day is Alive with Promise and Peace
And unfolding rapidly to your gaze.
O, Carpe Diem, ‘tis not time for sleep
Blend with these Angels His off’ring of Love.

Copyright 2016, David W. Palmer
All intellectual property rights retained by the author

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