Saturday, April 22, 2017

Elusive (Sonnet #456). Enhancing (Sonnet #457)

Elusive (Sonnet #456)

Through filtered patch of waning daylight
I caught the end of Noah’s bow kiss earth
No gloom of gray soggy day can dampen
Spirits when full colors of our spectrum
Shine and tantalize us. She was a tease
Today, for as I moved toward her, retreat
Was her response. Take not your colors from
Me, was my plea. She gaily tossed her curls.
‘Tis not your gold, I will not take, but share
That treasure locked within my heart for you.
Your colors hold the life of which I dream
I, for one, a home for you can provide.
No more servitude to the sun, now shine
When, where why and how you choose to display.

© 2017 David W. Palmer

Enhancing (Sonnet #457)

I’m dancing over clouds of joy, beneath
My feet, my precious bow, sustaining, shines
Born from the tears, angels shed for lost souls
She does transform life’s pain to heaven’s verse
Colors from her heart do stain her parchment
Yet she performs the alchemy of soul
To lift despair through arch-span in the clouds
Beauty be not quenched by reign of terror.
Wonder not at her glory she studies not
The gray, but faces ever t’ward the sun,
Reflects his hope down on soggy sorrow.
Thus, why I long to live with her and see
The Glory True, and live to know bright love
That glows upon our pillows ev’ry night.

© 2017 David W. Palmer

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