Sunday, April 30, 2017

Got A Hold On Me (Sonnet #465)

Got a Hold On Me (Sonnet #465)

My dear Princess was born to rule my heart
The day we met, so small within my arms
Yet grand the scale of love, none shall alarm
Papa’s total surrender was her art.
So great this mystery ‘twist old and young
‘'Tis been a partnership, these miscreants
We two, against the world, not innocent
Exploits, attempts, misses, shall ‘ere be sung.
Enthralled, this joy roots deep as she matures
The hints of whom she’ll be unfold each hour
Writer, poet, imagineer, for sure
Enter the debutante with grace and pow’r
Wonders unleash’d, amazement, and allure
Blink back those tears, this Beauty now flowers.

© 2017 David W. Palmer

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