Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother (A Tribute)

Mother (A Tribute)

Mid-May sunlight lingers in soft pastels 
Yellow chiffon, cream gold and marmalade 
We do approach my favorite time of year
Yet deep, those sighs escape me, saudade.
The world has celebrated Mother's Day 
Yet in its waning light, one figure stands
To speak tribute to she whose sacrifice
Made possible the man you know today.
How did you balance full time work and me,
And never did I feel neglect or loss?
Fit words, precious counsel ne’er steered me wrong
Insistently detained me from errors;
And faithful faith did model through my soul
That pathway clear unto eternity.

© 20l7 David W Palmer

Mom and Dad married later in life and she was 40 when I was born.

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