Monday, May 15, 2017

Aurora (Sonnet #476 - Experimental)

Written originally for Maricris Cabrera's #WordPrompt #Aurora on Canvas to My Soul

Aurora (Sonnet #476 – Experimental)

Let play the luminescent streaks of light
High o’er all shades of darkest, gloomy night
The grace of God at play transforms delight
Declares sorrow shall not subsume hope bright.
Return your gaze, my Love to soaring heights
The angels dance on pinpricks ‘fore your sight
Aurora’s kiss upon your cheek indicts
A morning dawn’s sweet joy, O blessed Sprite.
Your love cascades in glorious flow above me
Through wave on wave that gift o’erwhelms, I see
And infinite your written patterns be
My lot, to be amazed a what I read.
Tis Grace alone, I’m standing on this sod
To see at play through you fingers of God.

© 2017 David Palmer

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