Thursday, May 25, 2017

Memorial Day 2017 (Sonnet #489)

Memorial Day 2017 (Sonnet #489)

White stone rows like sentinels stand so mute
Stretch up this hill and o’er the crest. They tell
Of those heroes who paid the price full well
That we live free from threat and fear’s pursuit.
And now, service complete they rest in peace
While yet loved ones do pay that price seering
Branding blisters, their souls’ white heat grieving
Comfort so slight knowing their brave release.
“Your Dad fought brave, my son, and with passion
He gave his all, he did love you so much.
One day, you’ll stand like him bravely to touch
And serve with skill the needs of your nation.”
A man must have a cause greater than he
Sometimes that costs him all that he must be.

© 2017 David W Palmer

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