Sunday, May 28, 2017

Entrance (Sonnet #492)

Entrance (Sonnet #492)

Upon our land, the darkness lay devoid
Of hope or certainty. Groping, aimless
Vast, the dark deep hovers over hopeless
Souls, desperate destruction to avoid.
Allah, the Merciful, within that cave,
Did shed His light, brought forth upon that slope
True light’s entrance we mark in reverent hope
Gaining his Paradise, thus are we saved.
Oh, Holy Sacred Text, we celebrate
Your Wisdom, guidance, justice and all truth
That God should speak to man in glorious light
Bless’d be the one who reads and contemplates
So, feast upon this Word which nourishes.
Rejoice, for He designs you to flourish.

© 2017 David W Palmer
Dedicated lovingly, respectfuly, and reverently to all my friends celebrating
The Holy Month of Ramadan at this time.

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